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Knowing How Depression Is Treated


Several lives have been broken or even lost due to depression. This medical condition may not look serious for many, but actually, this mental illness can lead to grave consequences if not given the appropriate treatment. Depression results in serious symptoms that influence the way we feel, and think, as well as manage everyday activities like eating, sleeping, or working. Read on to know some of the ways of treating depression done by health professionals including those providing mental health in District of Columbia:

  • Medicines
    In treating depression, antidepressants such as medical marijuana are the typical types of medications utilized. They can aid in enhancing how our brain utilizes particular chemicals that regulate our mood or stress. We may have to try various kinds of antidepressant medications prior to discovering the one that enhances our symptoms and whose side effects are manageable.
  • Psychotherapies (talk therapies)
    There are many kinds of psychotherapy, otherwise known as talk therapy or counseling that can aid individuals diagnosed with depression through the teaching of new methods of how individuals think and behave as well as how to alter habits that can result in depression. The cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), as well as interpersonal therapy (IPT), are some examples of evidence-based methods particular to depression treatment used by any behavioral health care provider.
  • Brain Stimulation Therapies
    In behavioral health care, if ever the use of medicines fails in minimizing depression symptoms, we can opt for electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). According to the most current research, ECT can give relief to individuals experiencing severe depression whose symptoms have not improved using other treatment options and may be an effective depression treatment. It was once available as an inpatient procedure, but currently, it’s usually done on an outpatient basis. It may result in some kinds of side effects such as disorientation, confusion, as well as loss of memory, but it does not cause pain, and we can’t feel any electrical impulses.

At New Era Recovery and Behavioral Health LLC, you can avail of excellent services delivered by our highly proficient healthcare professionals to aid you in keeping good mental health. Feel free to contact us about our services on psychiatric and behavioral health in Washington, DC.

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