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Our Company

New Era Recovery and Behavioral Health LLC was established to offer people access to quality behavioral care where they work with professionals in every step of the process. This way, they can feel more involved in their improvement and have a clearer understanding of their condition and the assessments and treatments they have to undergo.

As a practice, we offer evidence-based psychiatric and behavioral health in Washington, DC provided by licensed and well-experienced individuals. We implement a client-centered approach to ensure that we address our clients’ needs based on their unique needs.

Mission Statement

We aim to help eradicate the stigma against behavioral health issues, and promote non-judgmental practice when dealing with our clients. With this, we focus on working with our clients and offering them patient centered support to achieve recovery, promote independence and improve quality of life.

Our Vision

We aim to be known as one of the top behavioral health care provider in DC metro area and to reach more people who need our care and support.

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Mental Health Patients Need Care, Not Stigmatization