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The types of care we offer

We offer a wide array of services that are designed to help improve all our clients’ overall health, provided with consideration of their unique needs. This way, we can ensure that the support we offer them is suitable for their psychiatric and behavorial health in Washington, DC.

Outpatient Clinic for Psychiatric and Behavioral Health

Our outpatient clinic services aim to enable clients to express their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about their condition. With this, we can guide them in determining and eradicating negative behaviors and learning healthier coping skills. With outpatient services, we can also evaluate clients’ adherence to their medications.

Adult Mental and Behavioral Health

Adult life can come with responsibilities and pressures one needs to handle. Depending on an individual’s life experiences, there are times when these can cause distress or affect one’s psychosocial health and may find it challenging to cope with the cause and effects of these issues. In these instances, we are here to provide support. We can guide them into understanding the root of their problems and finding ways to manage them healthily.

Adult services are also available for individuals who have been diagnosed with a condition in their younger years and are transitioning from adolescent services to adult services.

Children and Adolescent Mental and Behavioral Health

Children and adolescents face different challenges compared to adults. This is why we feel that it’s good to pay close attention to their behavior so they can receive the support they deserve. We customize our services based on the child or adolescent’s issues.

Innovative Center such as Genesight Test Before Medication & Others

Genesight Tests analyze how a person’s genes can affect the effects of the medication. This is important to determine how a person responds to specific drugs and may be used by a professional to prescribe medications for conditions like ADHD, anxiety, and depression, among other behavioral and psychiatric health issues.

Medical Marijuana

For those who think that they can benefit from medical marijuana, you need to be registered before they are allowed to take them. At New Era Recovery and Behavioral Health LLC, we have professionals who can evaluate you. If they find that you will benefit from it, they can guide you through the process of completing your registration.

COVID-19 Testing

Have you been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the virus? Or do you need to show proof that you are not infected by COVID-19 for travel, employment, or other reasons? Our COVID-19 Antibody Testing service is available for you.

Outpatient (In-person & Telehealth)

Our outpatient services are flexible for client convenience as they can choose to have their sessions in our clinic or through our telehealth services. With this, all they need is a digital device to use during consultations.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Support

As with other behavioral health issues, recovering from substance abuse requires commitment to work. We guide our clients to steady progress to recovery through psychotherapy and medication management. We prescribe medications like Suboxone, Methadone, and Buprenorphine, depending on the nature of the client’s substance abuse.

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