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Introducing New Era Recovery and Behavioral Health LLC

Mental Health in Washington, DC

Behavioral health issues may affect different facets of an individual’s life. However, acknowledging that you have issues and asking for guidance from a professional can help you manage the symptoms and other underlying problems. If you are ready to begin your journey to better psychiatric and behavioral health in Washington, DC, our team is prepared to work with you. We implement evidence-based interventions, customized to your needs that are provided in a nonjudgmental and empathetic environment.

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Mental Health Patients Need Care, Not Stigmatization

What We Provide Services We Offer

Behavioral healthcare, personalized for you.

Outpatient Clinic for Psychiatric and Behavioral Health

Scheduled sessions for therapy and checkups

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Adult Mental and BehavioralHealth

Guiding clients in managing their issues

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Children and AdolescentMental and Behavioral Health

Compassionate support for younger people

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Innovative Center Such as Genesight Test Before Medication

Assessment to determine the right medication.

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Medical Marijuana

We can help you initiate your application.

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COVID–19 Testing

The test determines if you are infected by COVID-19.

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Outpatient - (In - person & Telehealth)

Our services are available for you wherever you are

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Substance Abuse and Addiction Support

We are here to guide you in your recovery process.

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We Are Committed Our Mission

We aim to help eradicate the stigma against behavioral health issues, and promote non-judgmental practice when ....

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NERABJL Promotes Recovery and Improves Quality of Life Through Providing Patient-Centered Care

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