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How to Recognize Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar disorder can significantly vary per patient. The emotions and behavior associated with the condition also overlap with other health conditions. It may take an expert’s eye to have a professional diagnosis but recognizing these symptoms early can help seek the appropriate treatment.

Here are the common signs of bipolar disorder:

  • Mania
    the manic phase includes feeling unusually high or extremely irritable. The heightened energy and feeling grandiose about oneself may cause hyperactivity and little sleep.
  • Hypomania
    is the toned-down phase of mania. The feeling of euphoria may be present but the patient is still able to perform daily activities. However, the unusually good mood may pose difficulty in relationships.
  • Depression
    bipolar depression should be addressed differently from standalone depression. While shared symptoms may include irritability, feeling hopeless, and chronic fatigue, treatment is different.
  • Mixed episodes
    bipolar disorder with mixed episodes includes mania or hypomania with depression. Unfortunately, this particular combination of low mood (depression) and high energy (mania) may lead to life-threatening thoughts.

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