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The Correct Medication Saves Your Life


Medications are the first-line treatments for some mental and behavioral illnesses. As a behavioral health care provider, we assure that patients receive medications that promote recovery and improvement.

As a facility for mental health in District of Columbia, we at New Era Recovery and Behavioral Health LLC can accommodate you and other patients with our services that focus on treating mental and behavioral illnesses.

With the help of standard and golden tests, we can give you the correct medications.

Just like medicines, there are recorded cases that some patients do not respond to certain medications because of their genetics. However, with our state-of-the-art technology, we can determine the correct drugs for you with the help of genesight tests. A genesight test is used to examine your DNA and will provide information on how well you can respond to certain medications.

The test can save you from several complications too. It can help determine the right drug for you the first time. Correct and appropriate medicines are part of your behavioral health care. Prescribing an incorrect medicine can be risky if it doesn’t respond with your DNA. It may exacerbate symptoms and will be difficult to treat further.

With the help of our services that focus on psychiatric and behavioral health in Washington, DC, we can provide the best-individualized treatment for everybody! We make sure that we give the correct treatment for you, and your recovery is guaranteed.

We also provide other behavioral health services. Call us or visit our website for more details.

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